EOC Meeting 2016 Invitation

The North American Association of the Economy of Communion and the University of St.Thomas invite you to attend the 2016 gathering of the Economy of Communion:



inequality-brazil-oxfam_1220x763In today’s world, globalization presents to us significant challenges such us poverty, inequality, unemployment, forced migration… All these situations make us question if this is the world we want, if the economy can change for the better.

The Economy of Communion (EOC) offers a new perspective facing these challenges: a new culture, a culture of giving, that fosters fraternity, social bonds, sustainability and communion, rather than individualism and profit as an end in itself.



If you believe that you are a crucible of a new culture, if you are interested in seeing businesses and an economy where people are put at the center, we have an experience lived out by hundreds of businesses and thousands of people to share with you.

Join us at the 2016 EOC Meeting, as we increase our network in moving towards this new culture, where we become actors of visible change.


 Objectives of the Meeting

1510674_722413281240_4481716239691313168_nTo explore how the EOC leads to person-centered businesses and a more solidaristic economy

  • To acquire a deeper understanding of the values, culture and operating principles of businesses and professionals animated by EOC principles
  • To enkindle passion, enthusiasm, creativity… and understand how we can form a stronger EOC network in North America
  • To identify social developmental activities that we can support in North America


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