Structures of Structures of Grace, The Business Practices of the Economy of Communion: John Gallagher, Jeanne Buckeye: 9781565485518: Books 2015-05-10 19-12-26Grace – The Business Practices of the Economy of Communion

by John Gallagher and Jeanne Buckeye

This book is the product of a rigorous, robust and lengthy research project involving more than a dozen U.S. and Canadian based Economy of Communion (EOC) companies.

What, indeed, do we mean by structures of grace? First and foremost, the title reflects our conviction that EOC companies are indeed different.

And that difference is centered on a conviction of the business as a set of relationships and the conviction that the purpose of economic activity, the production and distribution of goods and services is to bring people together, to create community.

For us, this is the defining characteristic of the EOC.

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