What is the EOC?

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The Economy of Communion is a calling to live work and business in an integrated way, in concert with all of the other people in our lives. In a more concrete sense, it is a project of the Focolare Movement that seeks to unite people through economic activity and enterprise. It is, first of all, rooted in two ideals of the Focolare; that we might all be one, and that none among us be in need. It therefore unites those in material and spiritual need with entrepreneurs, their companies, customers, employees, competitors, and suppliers in a global effort to create material and spiritual abundance and to freely share that abundance in ways that make us all better off.

Formed more than 20 years ago, in 1991 in Sao Paulo Brazil, the Economy of Communion (EOC) now includes students, scholars, businesspeople, religious and lay people, teachers, as well as the disadvantaged and marginalized members of our society in an effort to promote economic activity that serves real human needs.

One of the crucial manifestations of this project is the more than 800 businesses around the world (more than 40 in North America) whose owners and founders commit their business activity to these ideals.

  • They willingly share profits to help those in material need, provide opportunities for meaningful work, offer products and services that meet real human and social needs, and seek to manage their companies with moral integrity.
  • At the same time, they seek to promote these ideals by their actions and involvement in their local communities, and by serving in a mentoring and support role to each other.

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