Dr. David Cloutier

Cloutier_DavidDr. Cloutier joined the Mount faculty in 2006, and holds the Knott Professorship in Catholic theology.

He teaches courses in moral theology, Catholic social ethics, and marriage and sexual ethics, as well as directing a year-long seminar for tenure-track faculty across the University on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

His most recent book publications are The Vice of Luxury: Economic Excess in a Consumer Age (Georgetown University Press, 2015) and Walking God’s Earth: The Environment and Catholic Faith(Liturgical Press, 2014).

He is a co-editor of the Moral Traditions series at Georgetown University Press, co-director of the Catholic Conversation Project, serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Moral Theology, and blogs at catholicmoraltheology.com and at dotCommonweal.

He has commented on Catholic news for the Washington Post, NPR, the Baltimore Sun, and other regional and national outlets. Outside the Mount, he serves as a music ministry, follows baseball, and is on the Board of Directors at the Common Market, Frederick’s consumer food cooperative.