Webinar: “Small Business and the Pandemic–How do you #DareToCare for ALL Stakeholders?” April 28 1pm EST

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Apr 22, 2020


“Small Business and the Pandemic—How to #DareToCare for ALL Stakeholders”

Click here to view the April 28, 1pm EST webinar: Small Businesses and the Pandemic Apr. 28 Webinar Recording

Whatever stakeholder you are in the small business ecosystem, you probably feel like you’re on a plane that’s in a COVID-19 induced high-altitude tailspin. Whatever your role, you’re wondering what YOU can do to get the plane back to cruising altitude.

Jon Hokama, Economy of Communion North America Coordinator,  will facilitate a team of seasoned business executive panelists to help you get on your O2 “mask” and inspire you to consider your part in meeting the needs of ALL small business stakeholders to get you back to cruising altitude:

  • Callibrating Current Business Conditions: Jon Hokama
  • The Needs of Owners/CEOs: Nick Sanna
  • The Needs of Employees: Jim Funk
  • The Needs of Customers and Competitors: John Mundell
  • The Needs of Your Community: Dr. John Gallagher

During the second half of our time together, we  will be answering your questions about how you can serve your business stakeholders through this season of high turbulence.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE Small Businesses and the Pandemic Apr. 28 Webinar Recording

Panelist Biographies

Jon Hokama, Economy of Communion, North America Coordinator, is President of Jon Hokama and Associates, LLC  , a business consulting firm specializing in Enneagram-based executive coaching and strategic planning for business owners and their firms.

Nicola (Nick) Sanna, is EoC Commissioner and CEO of  RiskLens . He is responsible for the overall leadership and the definition and the execution of the company strategic positioning, messaging, and go-to-market strategies.

Jim Funk is an EoC Commissioner and Chairman of Consulus Global Network, Global Head of Leadership Transformation for Consulus and President of J L Funk & Associates, an Economy of Communion business formed in 2010.

John Mundell is EoC Commissioner and President and CEO of Mundell and Associates, Inc., an earth science, environmental and water resources consulting firm founded in 1995 as an Economy of Communion business based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dr. John Gallagher is Professor of Management at Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee  and author of Structures of Grace: Business Practices of the Economy of Communion (New City Press, 2014).

Click here to access the “Small Businesses and the Pandemic” Apr. 28 Webinar Recording.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Email Jon Hokama at eocassoc@gmail.com

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