EoC School a First for North America

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The Economy of Communion offered its first school in North America for students and young adults interested in learning about communion and social entrepreneurship. The school, held from June 20-23, 2017 at Mariapolis Luminosa in Hyde Park, NY, was organized and staffed by the EoC North America Commission. 25 were in attendance, including young men and women from across the U.S., a couple from Mexico, and a number of interns and students from south and central America.

Attendees spoke at the end about their key take-aways from the school, such as:

–Building community
–Gratitude for the opportunity to learn about the EoC
–Matching up needs with resources
–Spiritually rooted practical solutions
–Feeling energized and inspired

In describing some of the steps they  would like to take following the school experience, several ideas were mentioned including:

–Seeking to apply the EoC principles in their workplace, even in non-EoC companies
–Continuing their personal and professional development
–Creating a business plan for a possible EoC business idea
–Sharing what they learned with others
–Becoming an agent of contribution

The school featured several EoC business owners and business professors in higher education as the faculty, and included panel discussions, self-awareness tools, examining one’s personal mission, workshops on EoC principles, and practical steps for bringing ideas to the market.

2 thoughts on “EoC School a First for North America

    lgcolella said:
    June 25, 2017 at 11:00 am


    Awesome experience! Congratulations to all!

    We hope the School will spread EoC throughout all North America, strongly contributing to the “Ut Omnes”.

    1 Luiz Colella, EoC São Paulo – Brazil


    James T. Milway said:
    June 25, 2017 at 11:05 am

    Dear EOC friends, and MilwayFamily We may have been unable to actually attend, but you all did such a wonderful job sharing on Facebook a lot of pictures and feedback it felt like we were almost their and I did share many comments and we have been praying for you all. Thanks to all for your work. And prayers. We look forward to hearing more about the Annual meeting of the EOSA held this weekend which I had hoped to attend with Marie Aloia, with her driving me up. But MJ and I were working hard on our health issues. Please keep the prayers coming.

    Prayerfully, in unity, fraternity, dialogue and love, Jim and Mary Jane Milway.Milway



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