EoC North America Meeting a Success

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Approximately 44 attended the annual meeting of the EoC held in Hyde Park, New York, coming from not only the U.S. and Canada, but also from Italy, Philippines, South America and Mexico. One of the drawing cards to attend this year’s meeting was a review of the audience with Pope Francis last February. The video of the Pope’s talk to the group was shown, and several panel discussions and other presentations highlighted the affirmation as well as the challenges which Pope Francis gave to the EoC.

Other presentations at the meeting included an examination of social entrepreneurship, a Holistic Leadership model for EoC companies, entrepreneurial and leadership skill-building workshops, presentations of local EoC activities, and a discussion of a video by Chiara Lubich on the EoC. Participants reported they felt the meeting provided a good blend of success stories, practical tools, and ways to embed EoC concepts. Workshop break-out topics included Discovering Your Gifts, Hiring for Fit, and Effective Communications.

The video of Chiara featured her 1992 talk that highlighted the EoC as a new way of evangelization, and an opportunity to “give” and to “be” in new ways. The group also discussed ways to overcome the barriers of communion through actions such as living the present moment, identifying with the other person, going the extra mile, and sharing stories.

The priorities identified for the year 2017-18 included the strengthening of local cells and and supporting of new initiatives. In 2018 EoC North America would like to contribute both to the organization of and participation in a Pan American Summer School.

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