“#2 Key to Business Survival: Cultivating External Stakeholder Relationships” EoC Monthly Webinar June 3, 2020

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May 20, 2020


Let’s collaborate! Join the Monthly EoC North America Webinar Wed, June 3, 10am, EST CLICK HERE TO RSVP

This time of ongoing pandemic uncertainty is the best time to return to the foundational principles and practices on “How to be an EoC Business.”

We’re bringing you a fresh format for our monthly webinar. In June we will

  • begin by taking 15 minutes to explain what the EoC means by cultivating “External Stakeholder Relationships”
  • spend time discussing your questions about how to build these relationships and hearing your best practices in building external relationships

Your questions and stories will help our current EoC businesses not only survive but thrive. Our collective best practices will then be shared to help new businesses join in with us.

We will be going over the following “External Stakeholder Relationships” text. This is taken from the International EoC draft on “General Guidelines for Operating an Economy of Communion Business”:


Economy of Communion (EoC) people value and nurture their relationships with each other and with their customers, suppliers, partners, and all with whom they work. They find ways to enjoy working together, to celebrate one another’s successes and to support each other in times of difficulty. Lending special attention to the explicit and implicit needs of their customers, EoC businesses commit to offer high quality products and services at equitable prices.  All those who work in the business strive to build and reinforce honest and open relationships with customers, suppliers and the community in which they operate.  EoC companies hold to the following principles to maintain excellent external relationships:

  • We are passionate about exceeding our clients’ expectations by using, whenever feasible, state-of-the-art technologies to deliver products and services of high quality in a timely and responsive manner.
  • We act as a positive and unifying force for local community development by building strong relationships with those near our places of work.
  • We believe that all relationships, regardless of whether they directly impact the bottom line of the company, are worthy of our time and attention because each person and each relationship with each person have inherent human value.
  • We are aware of the larger world beyond our local community, and look for ways to positively contribute to its development and sustainability.
  • We view our competitors as equals and necessary for the growth and improvement of the market, of society, and of ourselves, and appreciate their contribution to improving our quality of products and services. As such, we refrain from speaking negatively about their products or services.
  • We enjoy close relationships with other EoC businesses, sharing ideas and opportunities that help us live out the EoC values and lifestyle in a more complete way. However, we are aware that with these close, warm relationships, comes a certain degree of vulnerability in which we can hurt one another.  Our 20 years of EoC experiences, and those of many others, tell us that the happiness and fulfillment of communion always overcomes, at least in the long-run, the short-term wounds coming from these close family-like relationships.
  • We share our experiences of successes and failures with others, thereby contributing to the authentic ongoing development of relationships among businesses and with the world community.

CLICK HERE TO RSVP to learn and contribute to deepening “External Stakeholder Relationships” on Wed. June 3, 10am EST.

FUTURE DATES: Here are dates and times for upcoming EoC webinars on “Being an EoC Business”:

  • Wed., July  1, 10am, EST.
  • Wed.,  August 5, 10am, EST.
  • Wed., September 2, 10am EST.


FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Email Jon Hokama at eocassoc@gmail.com

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