“#3 Key to Business Survival: Cultivating Spirituality and Ethics” EoC Monthly Webinar July 1, 2020

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June 19, 2020


Let’s collaborate! Join the Monthly EoC North America Webinar Wed, July 1, 10am, EST CLICK HERE TO RSVP

This time of ongoing pandemic uncertainty is the best time to return to the foundational principles and practices on “How to Be an EoC Business.”

Economy of Communion firms are committed to living by seven principles known by colors. This vision is articulated by Focolare/EoC founder Chiara Lubich:

Love is light, it is like a ray of light that passes through a drop of water and opens out to display a rainbow, whose seven colors we admire…. And just as the rainbow is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, love, the life of Jesus in us, is manifested in different colors; it is expressed in various ways, each one different from the others.

A New Way, p, 76

This year the EoC is revisiting and reflecting on these seven principles. Together they give EoC firms strength of life conviction to act in a way that builds unity among disparate people—a way of both living life and doing business that provides the company firm flexibility for these uncertain times.

In examining the color “yellow”, spirituality and ethics, we will

  • begin by taking 15 minutes to share stories that illustrate what the EoC means by cultivating “Spirituality and Ethics”
  • spend time hearing your stories and your questions about how to clarify and ground your spirituality and ethical foundations.

Our questions and stories will inspire us to not only survive but to thrive. We can then share our collective best practices to help other businesses thrive with us.

We will be going over the following “Spirituality and Ethics” text taken from the international “Guidelines to Running an Economy of Communion Business”:

Spirituality and Ethics (Yellow)

The work of the EoC is seen as an opportunity for growth, not only professional, but also spiritual and ethical. The business commits itself to concretely respect laws and works for the change and the betterment of such laws. It behaves correctly towards fiscal authorities, control bodies, unions and institutional authorities. It knows that the quality of working life is a dimension essential for a person’s realization, and for the development of his/her vocation as a worker and as a human being. Those who work in EoC businesses learn to give value also to difficulties and hardships in the workplace, making them precious occasions for growth and maturity. In defining the nature and quality of its products, the business is committed to not only respecting contract obligations, but also to evaluate the effects of its products on the wellbeing of the people and the environment to which they are destined.

Our spirituality and ethics is often reflected in our company Vision, Values, and Mission. Let  us use this opportunity to reexamine our own company to answer this question:

Do our Vision, Values, and Mission reflect the right spiritual and ethical foundation to enable us to withstanding the cross-currents of these unprecedented times?

CLICK HERE TO RSVP to learn and contribute to deepening “Spirituality and Ethics” on Wed. July 1, 10am EST.

FUTURE DATES: Here are dates and times for upcoming EoC webinars on “Being an EoC Business”:

  • Wed.,  August 5, 10am, EST.
  • Wed., September 2, 10am EST.
  • Wed., October 7, 10am, EST.


FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Email Jon Hokama at eocassoc@gmail.com or jon@jonhokama.net.

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