#6 Key to Business Survival: Cultivating “Formation, Instruction and Wisdom” EoC Monthly Webinar October 7, 2020

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September 24 , 2020


Come join the Monthly EoC North America Webinar Wed, Oct. 7, 10am, EST CLICK HERE TO RSVP

This time of ongoing pandemic uncertainty is the best time to return to the foundational principles and practices on “How to Be an EoC Business.”

Economy of Communion firms are committed to living by seven principles known by colors. This vision is articulated by Focolare/EoC founder Chiara Lubich:

Love is light, it is like a ray of light that passes through a drop of water and opens out to display a rainbow, whose seven colors we admire…. And just as the rainbow is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, love, the life of Jesus in us, is manifested in different colors; it is expressed in various ways, each one different from the others.

A New Way, p, 76

In October, we will be reflecting on the color “indigo”, “Formation, Instruction and Wisdom.” Dr. Celeste Harvey Gustafson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at College of St. Mary’s and recent author of “A Person-Centered Theory of the Firm: Learning from the Economy of Communion” will be our main presenter.

Living with this pandemic has shown us that “Formation, Instruction and Wisdom” are not just “nice to haves” but essential to cultivate our businesses to help our people to counteract the anxiety, loneliness, and stresses of the pandemic, whether we are at working and schooling at home, working in the office, juggling jobs or unemployed.

Our session will allow you to explore some of the following questions for your own work situation:

What impact does “communion” have on a company’s people-development? 

How might our colleagues share their talents, ideas and competencies to enable my professional and personal flourishing? 

What might I offer to enhance the the professional growth and flourishing of my colleagues ?

What fresh “case study” from our company might most benefit academic research, teaching, and post-secondary learning?  

We encourage you to see the full description and take an assessment of your workplace at this “Formation, Instruction and Wisdom” Assessment link.

CLICK HERE TO RSVP to register for  our”Formation, Instruction and Wisdom” webinar on Wed. Oct. 7, 10am EST.

FUTURE DATES: Here are dates and times for the remaining EoC webinars in 2020:

  • Wed.,  Nov. 4, 10am, EST: “Communication”
  • Wed., Dec. 2, 10am EST: “2020 Wrap-up/2021 Preview”


FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Email Jon Hokama at eocassoc@gmail.com or jon@jonhokama.net.

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